Receivables Insurance

Unity Centrum Ubezpieczeń Należności Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest brokerage companies in Poland, specialising in the area of trade credit insurance. Thanks to accumulated knowledge and long term experience in the receivables insurance segment, we assist our Clients in adopting the right decisions related to trading risk management.

Considering the unstable economic situation which the market has been dealing with recently, increasing numbers of companies notice the need to secure inflow of their trade receivables. Trade credit insurance is one of the most efficient tools designed for trading risk mitigation.

Receivables insurance may cover a complete portfolio of recipients, a part of the portfolio (country, exports, selected business partners) or as well individual buyers. What is more, insurance with State Treasury guarantees or excess insurance (above the limit offered by the current insurer) is also available on the market.

All industries have their specific features, all companies need different solutions; therefore, we constantly monitor changes on the Polish and foreign markets of receivables insurance. This lets us suggest the best solutions, adapted to our Clients’ individual needs.

If you are considering insuring your commercial transactions, we are the right partner for you. Step by step, we will guide you through the process of negotiations with insurance companies and we will find the optimum solution together. If, however, you already have a trade credit insurance policy, then, using our knowledge, we can carry out an audit of the policy and suggest introduction of necessary modifications.