Property Insurance

Company Property Insurance

Under powers of attorney received from our clients, we cooperate with all Insurance Companies operating on the Polish market. Placement of the insurance programme with one of them is preceded with numerous stages of preparatory proceedings.

The main stages of cooperation include:

  • insurance audit including analysis of current insurance agreements
  • risk assessment and identification of individual insurance requirements
  • development of an insurance programme ensuring maximum insurance cover
  • negotiating the terms of insurance with Insurance Companies
  • analysis of received market quotations and assistance in selection of optimum insurance, both in terms of conditions and costs thereof
  • implementation of the insurance programme
  • ongoing services related to handling of concluded insurance agreements, advisory and support on all stages of cooperation
  • loss adjustment – active participation of the broker throughout the loss adjustment process under the insurance agreements covered, from claim report until payment of damages

During cooperation with our company as a broker, our Clients are offered the service involving development of a customised business interruption insurance programme, adapted to the kind, scale and scope of their business.


Vehicle Insurance

Products in the segment of voluntary risk insurance (comprehensive cover insurance, AD&D, window pane insurance, assistance) are characterised with a diversified scope and numerous insurance options. Cooperation with our company in the area of vehicle insurance guarantees selection of an optimum solution for the vehicle fleet under management.

In the area of vehicle insurance, we offer the following services:

  • analysis of current insurance agreements and loss history
  • implementation of repair programmes (for fleet losses)
  • development of an optimum scope of insurance
  • negotiations with Insurance Companies
  • comparison of quotations and broker’s recommendation
  • intermediation in conclusion and supervision over correct performance of the insurance agreement
  • administration of concluded insurance agreements
  • continuous monitoring of the insurance history (individualised reporting system)



Third party liability insurance

An important element of the third party liability insurance programme is amount of the guarantee sum and limits of particular clauses. Being in the possession of a sufficiently high guarantee sum raises the company’s credibility among its business partners.

The policyholder has the option to extend the insurance cover to include an additional scope pursuant to so-called insurance clauses, which are tailored to reflect the kind, scale and scope of the policyholder’s business. General third party liability insurance may be supplemented, among others, with such clauses as: third party liability insurance of the employer, tenant, for subcontractors, for entrusted property, in the natural environment or for the product with the possibility to cover the costs of hazardous product recall.

As an insurance broker, we advise our business partners in connection with selecting an appropriate insurance programme guaranteeing real protection against third party claims. The brokerage service includes assistance in handling of reported claims – determination of justness, communication to the insurer and supervision over the loss adjustment process.


Business interruption insurance

BI – Business Interruption insurance supplements the insurance cover and bases on the concluded property insurance agreement. The object of insurance is loss of profits that the harmed party could achieve if the loss (covered by the property insurance policy) did not happen. The business interruption insurance covers general losses and two kinds of specific losses: expenses and loss of profit.

Conclusion of an insurance agreement covering the above scope significantly improves the chance of ensuring business continuity in case of interruption in the entity’s activity as a result of accidental occurrences.

Among others, the insurance agreement ought to guarantee covering the following expenses:

  • purchase of goods from the competition and resale thereof to recipients (maintenance of the sales market)
  • costs of rental of machines and premises for the period of repair
  • fixed costs of the enterprise including payroll

During cooperation with our company as a broker, our Clients are offered the service involving development of a customised business interruption insurance programme, adapted to the kind, scale and scope of their business.


Cyber risk insurance

The use of new technologies and computer systems increases companies’ susceptibility to cyber threats and data violation risks. Interruptions in the operation of infrastructure caused by, among others, malware, hacking attacks or data leaks may generate costs and claims which may impact the company’s financial liquidity substantially.

Among others, the scope of cyber risk insurance includes:

  • third party liability for third parties’ losses in connection with disclosure of personal data or confidential data of business partners
  • administrative liability towards the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection, including coverage of costs and penalties arising from violation of personal data protection regulations, including GDPR
  • coverage of own costs arising from damage to or loss of own data due to a network security violation
  • coverage of the company’s downtime costs resulting from an IT incident



Claiming damages

Unity Centrum Ubezpieczeń Majątkowych Sp. z o.o. provides services related to claiming damages from insurers – both with respect to claims under property insurance and under personal insurance. We handle claims of individuals and companies.

The scope of undertaken activities includes:

  • determination of the circumstances of loss occurrence
  • identification of entities obliged to remedy the loss (in case of losses under third party liability insurance)
  • determination of the form and size of loss – both personal and property losses
  • loss valuation
  • specification of claims
  • pursuing of claims by way of negotiations
  • pursuing of claims in court (cooperation with a law firm)